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Ultratechnology contributes to the development of companies in Thailand by HR TECH

With the availability of cutting-edge technology in all areas, many corporate HR departments are moving to automate everyday administrative processes like time and attendance and payroll.

Today, the application of technology has infiltrated HR management, recruitment, L&D, employee engagement and benefits, and HR leaders around the world, including in the APAC region, are working hard to create business processes where technology plays a central role.

In the coming years, Thailand will continue to transform its HR department with technology at its core.

n this era of change, we will use technology to solve the HR challenges faced by Thai companies.

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Visualize human resource data and improve the efficiency of HR operations

jinjer Attendance has functions such as automatic calculation, approval of applications, and shift creation. By reducing management and work costs, you can improve the efficiency of time and attendance management.

Ultra tech
We solve employee finance challenges with employee benefits.

Ultratech, a prepaid payroll service, is a benefit service that allows employees to receive their pay before pay day. Instead of a loan, you can calculate pay for work done, based on time and attendance data, and receive an advance paycheck at any time. This can help reduce financial risk for employees and improve retention rates.

HR platform where HR trive

HR was launched in December 2018 and has now grown to be one of the largest HR media in Thailand. We will continue to provide content that can contribute to HR on a daily basis to evolve into the next HR platform to aim for.

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