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Please read the terms and conditions of the warranty before claiming the product.

Warranty Period

DescriptionWarranty Period

Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO

Arctic Liquid Freezer II

Arctic Fan

6 Years

6 Years

6 Years





HYTE Revolt 3




3 Years

3 Years

3 Years

3 Years

6 Years

6 Years

3 Years


Enermax Starryfort F30

Enermax T50A

Enermax F40

Enermax Liqmax III

Enermax Aquafusion

Enermax Aquafusion ADV

1 Year

1 Year

1 Year

2 Years

2 Years

2 Years

Product claim process

1. If you find the product has a problem, you can contact us at Facebook page: to request a product claim.

2. To reduce the time required to make a claim, we recommend to take a short video showing the serial number at the beginning of the clip and the connection and the issue.

3. When we consider that the product is within the warranty conditions. The company will notify the customer to send the product to address below.

21, Soi Phetkasem 40, Bang Chak, Phasri Charoen, Bangkok 10160

Call:: 096-959-5362

Process for considering product claims

1. The company will take less than 5 business days to inspect the product.

2. If it is found that the damage is within the conditions, we will deliver a new product or the damaged part within 3 business days

3. If the product works normally, we will send the product back, and the customer must pay the return shipping cost.

Product claims

the damaged parts or replace a new product of the same model

In the case of replacing products with other similar models, we will inform customers before changing products. We will offer upgraded products in which customers will receive products with the same or higher technology as the original model. And the customer pays the additional difference, and the company will notify the customer for acknowledgment and confirmation before proceeding every time.

If the customer wishes to wait for product exchange, we will notify the product estimate arrival schedule and inform customers of the progress periodically

In the case that there is no product of the original model, it will be returned or the product of another model does not have similar specs or supports the original product model that the customer wants to use.

The company reserves the right to refund money or a credit note by deducting depreciation as appropriate. It will be returned within less than 7 business days. We will start deducting depreciation when the warranty runs more than half of the product warranty.

Terms of warranty

ULTRATECH COMPANY LIMITED does not change or return the products from the following conditions

Product with abnormal conditions
Product with abnormal conditions such as burnt, cracked, broken, chipped, bent, collapsed, distorted, cracked, pierced, or scratched, etc.

Improper storage
Product's conditions from improper storage such as rust stains, oxide stains, water stains, etc.

Damage from external factor
Products are damaged from external factors such as power failure, overload, lightning, etc.

Missing warranty sticker
Warranty stickers are torn, lost, deleted, modified or concealed over until important information cannot be noticed on the sticker.

Misuse the product
Misuse of the product. Modifications are made without permission. An accident with the product. A part of traces of opening or repairation.

Pen marks on the product or the warranty sticker
The company does not provide a warranty for products with any pen marks. Write on the product without being able to delete, although it will not affect the important information on the sticker or product.

Improper packaging
Damage or loss by that the packaging used to contain is not stable enough or not suitable for the product.

No serial number
There is no serial number for products that are required normally or have an fake Ultratech sticker.

Software failure
Problems occur due to software, virus or operating system installed by the buyer.

Product warranty expired or products with no detection of any signs of damage
Products' warranty expired or products witj no detection of any signs of damage must pay a minimum service fee to repair or do notrepair Inc luding return shipping costs.

Incomplete products or missing equipments
The customer must bring the equipments to be repaired or replaced in a complete set, such as products, product boxes, drivers, manuals and other equipments in the perfect condition. If some products have a warranty card, the customer must keep the warranty card as the evidence and must show the warranty card to the company for every time when sending, repairing or replacing the product.


Product replacement period
The damaging products within 30 days will be changed by the company within 7 days. The damaging products after 30 days will be chaged by the company within 15 - 45 days. Conditionally, customers must return the complete set of equipment such as product boxes, drivers, manuals, and other equipment in perfect condition.

Shortening the processing period
Before sending, repairing, or replacing the product, customers should a video clip which also present the serial number, the damage, and the product connection to Facebook Fanpage: The company will claim the product for the customer first. And, we will notify the customer later for the faster repairation or replacement of the product.

In case that the product is under warranty but cannot be repaired or changed
In case that the company cannot repair or modify the product that the customer claims , the company will replace with the same model or similar model by offering customers to upgrade products with higher technology. The customer will pay only the difference in the increase or return the money. And, the company will notify the customer first every time.

Customer Profile
Data security is the customer's responsibility. The company will not be responsible in case of data loss or dissemination through various channels in all cases.

Product without warranty
Free products, gifts, accessories or products from activities all have no warranty.

Documents for product claim
1. For customers who purchase from the company's dealer directly.
- Customers can send a receipt from the store as evidence for the warranty according to the period you purchase from the store.

2. For customers who repurchase from other sources, second-hand products, products through claims and products that are almost out of warranty
- Customers "must show proof of purchase-sales from the seller" with the name of the shop or seller, phone number and proof of payment or other documents requested by the company in order to check the warranty period of the product sent to claim.

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